“Okay, mom, I’ve reached the cafe. I’ll talk to you later.” Meera said these words and ended the conversation with her mother. She cut the call and hugged her friend Minaxi. Then both had their seats on the table. “How are you?” Meera asked.

“Great, how about you?” Minaxi asked.

Meera was about to say something. But, her mobile buzzed. It was her mother. Thus, she picked up the call and said, “What now, maa?”

Her mom said something from another side, and she acknowledged, “I don’t trust this matrimony and all.”

Her mother explained her the scenario and to avoid further conversation, Meera cut the call by saying, “Okay, fine. Send it.”

Then, Meera moved her head towards Minaxi and said, “I’m extremely sorry, yaar. Mom is worried about my marriage and all.”

Her friend Minaxi added, “Well, I guess, aunty is right at her place. Now, you should think about the second marriage.”

“Come on yar, Minaxi. You’re MY CHILDHOOD friend. Don’t join mom’s team in this matter.” Meera added.

“See, I know you and aunty both. You’ve been through the bad phase of your life. But, gladly, that’s past now. You should start a new life Meera.” Minaxi tried to explain.

“I agreed, Minaxi. But it’s not so easy. I mean, I already failed once in finding the right partner. What if I’ll fail again?” Meera asked.

“Okay, do you remember the collage time when you failed in MBA?” Minaxi asked.

“Yups. It was a terrible year.” Meera acknowledged.

“But, still, you’re a successful Investment banker now. You didn’t quit. Failing doesn’t mean you will not pass next time. Marriage is also like that. You failed once. But, I bet, you’ll have a successful marriage life when you get married again.” Minaxi explained.

Meera had a smile on her face when she heard those words. Then she said, “Your words are always helpful. You know, actually, I kinda have a crush on someone. But, mom wants things to go by arrange marriage. She got a match from some matrimony site and sharing me the profile now.”

“What? Who is he? Don’t worry about aunty. I’ll make her understand. But, first, tell me who is that lucky guy?” Minaxi inquired.

“There is this colleague whose name is Raj. He’s smart, funny, educated. He is a widower.” Meera shared.

“Sounds like a perfect match,” Minaxi added.

Then, Meera’s mobile buzzed, and she opened the profile and said, “Oh my god!”

“What happened?” Minaxi asked.

“It’s Raj’s profile,” Meera said.

“What profile? I don’t get it.” Minaxi asked.

Meera added, “My mom send me Raj’s profile. Apparently, this matrimony people find Raj as my profile match. I mean this is…”

“Amazing. Right?” Minaxi completed her sentence by adding these words, and she further asked, “Meera, which matrimony site is that?”

“Wait, it read Rishtadobara.com” Meera added.

“Can you ask that whether they will able to find a guy for unmarried singles like me?” Minaxi added.

“I’ll surely do that,” Meera said, and both laughed.

And later Raj and Meera got married with the help of Rishtadobara.com

That’s how another fairy tale reached to its marriage goal with theRishtadobara.com