The doorbell buzzed.

Mrs. Patel opened the door. It was Raj on the other side.

He greeted Mrs. Patel and asked, “Where is she?”

“Upstairs.” Mrs. Patel acknowledged.

“How’s the mood?” Raj asked.

Mrs. Patel moved her head horizontally and said no.

Raj smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.”

Then, Raj took the stairs and reached upstairs.

He found Meera seated on the bed. The door was open; still, he knocked on the door and took permission.

“I bought your favorite Chinese food,” Raj added.

Meera didn’t give any positive response.

Thus, Raj asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Yaar, Raj, life seems incomplete and destroyed. The first marriage was a bad experience. Mom is now forcing me to get married again.” Meera revealed.

“What’s so bad in it?” Raj raised a question.

“It’s just. All dreams were spoiled once. I even don’t know that the second marriage is a good idea or not. I mean, I’ve lost trust in arrange marriage, which I strongly used to believe. I am not sure if there will be someone who’ll able to understand me or not. Lots of confusion.” Meera explained.

“Alright, do one thing. Make an account at Rishta Dobara Matrimony – Many of my friends got married from the same site. These guys are the best. Give it a try.” Raj added.

“Seriously Raj? Matrimonial site. I don’t think that it’s a good idea.” Meera said.

“Do you trust me?” Raj asked.

“Of course, but…” Meera was about to say something, but Raj interrupted her by saying, “Then, make your profile now. No more arguments.”

“Can I do eat after having Chinese?” Meera requested.

“Allowed,” Raj said, and then later in the evening, Meera made her profile at Rishta Dobara Matrimony.

The next day, when she opened her id, to her surprise, she got plenty of matches from good & educated families. But, she was shocked when she found a match request from Raj.

She took her mobile in her hand and dialed Raj.

Raj picked up the call and said, “You got my match request?”

“Seriously?” Meera asked.

“Can’t afford to lose you more,” Raj added.

“Why didn’t you say it to me directly? Why this matrimony site?” Meera asked.

“I just don’t want your belief in arrange-marriage to get broke. And, these Rishta Dobara Matrimony peoples are best to arrange marriage meeting. So, all matched.” Raj said.

“Not yet,” Meera commented.

“What you mean?” Raj said.

Meera matched Raj on site and said, “Now, it’s matched.” Raj received Meera’s matched. That’s how Meera got her remarriage done on Rishta Dobara Matrimony and met the most amazing person of her life.