It was the fourth meeting they were having.

Meera was still confused about the remarriage thing.

She was moreover nervous at that time because it was the first time when she was going to introduce her daughter Myra with Raj.

Raj was the guy who met Meera through “Rishta Dobara” matrimony.

Raj was a good looking, sensible and an educated person. But, still, Meera wanted to take the second marriage thing slowly because her daughter Myra was involved. She had many questions and doubts about how someone else will take care of Myra the way her late father used to do.

Somehow, she felt Raj was different. That’s why she wanted her daughter Myra to introduce with him.

Finally, they all met at a food court. Raj bought dairy milk silk for Myra. Meera was surprised and felt happy as it was Myra’s favourite chocolate. They all were seated on a table. When Raj and Meera were having a conversation, Meera’s mobile buzzed. She took the call and walked away for a while by taking permission of Raj and Myra.

When she returned after a seven-minute gap, she found Myra and Raj were talking. Myra was smiling. Meera felt less nervous seeing that visual. She walked to their table and joined them.

In a minute, the waiter came, and he put the ‘swiss chocolate pastry’ on the table. Swiss chocolate, it was the same flavour Myra used to have with her dad. It was Myra’s favourite.

That time,

Myra was eating the pastry. Raj was talking. And Meera, she was observing.

They all had a wonderful time. When Meera & Myra returned home, she did a WhatsApp message to Raj to thank him for the treat. She even asked how he knew about Myra’s favourite chocolate & pastry.

Raj gave an honest reply. He told Meera that he inquired about her and Myra’s like-dislikes from Rishta Dobara matrimony – As it was their fourth meeting and the case was going very positive, Rishta Dobara agent helped him with all small details.

“Do we still need the fifth meeting?” Raj asked.

“Yes, but to talk about our Marriage date,” Meera answered.

That’s how the Rishta Dobara matrimony built another relationship on the base of care and love.