“Happy first wedding anniversary.” Raj greeted. “Happy wedding anniversary.” Meera acknowledged with a smile on her face and added, “Last year was the most beautiful year of my life Raj.”

“The same is true for me.” Raj acknowledged.

They hugged each other. The morning was already beautiful for them.

When they were planning about that day, something passed through Meera’s mind, and she said, “Raj, don’t you think we should thank Smita.”

“Why not? That’s a great idea.” Raj answered.

“I guess we should buy a thank you gift for her. What say?” Meera suggested.

“Agreed. But, what should be the gift?” Raj asked.

“Well, the gift should be something meaningful. How about my writer husband write a thank note for them?” Meera advised

“Best idea. Give me the laptop.” Raj added.

Meera passed the laptop to Raj, and he started drafting,

“Dear Smita,

I feel every life is a painting, and different colors represent different relations. If I see my and Meera’s life before a year ago, we had everything in our lives, but one color of life partner was missing. We were like a beautiful painting which was ruined because of our divorces. We felt incomplete.

But, thankfully we inquired Rishta Dobara, and they introduced you as our agent. You were more of a friend. You introduced Meera and me. At the first meeting, we knew we would be something, and you didn’t let us down with your help on different intervals.

Meera and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for filling the missing color in our lives. Lot of love.

~ Raj & Meera”

Then, Raj pressed the send button.

Somewhere, in the other corner of the city, Smita received the mail.

She felt happy reading it. She tried to react to that mail with heart. Then, she realized she was checking the email on her Gmail account and not on FB.

She checked the mail and moved it in the folder, which was labeled as “happy clients.”