Is There an Age to Re-Marry? What Happens If You’re Above that Age?

Imagine a person in their late 40s sitting at the café, drinking coffee alone. Now, imagine that person accompanied by someone over that same coffee. The difference in joy, expression, and liveliness is prominent.

It is clear from this one example that everyone deserves a life partner. Even though it is frowned upon in society, science suggests that remarrying may be the best decision for all – the two people getting married, and the society! In fact, some studies have shown that loneliness can be worse for your health than smoking.

But like many major decisions, this one also needs rumination. It brings many questions to mind which don’t seem to have a clear answer. If you’re here today, I’m sure you have this question: “Is there an age limit to remarrying? And if so, what if you’ve passed that age limit?”

The answer is yes. But also no. Let me explain.

Why is There an Age Limit to Re-Marry?
As we grow older, our priorities in life change. When we first get married, our priorities drastically shift from wanting to be wild and free to grounding yourself in a long-lasting relationship.

Steadily these priorities change from being in love to expanding your family and bringing in new tiny family members. Over a period of time, your priorities change to wanting peace and serenity in life. And the same goes on.

However, when you want to remarry, you may be in a different phase of life, as compared to your prospects. For instance, you may want kids still but your potential life partner may not want or cannot have kids.

If you want kids or if you want to live a certain kind of life, you automatically have an age limit within which you should remarry. If you have surpassed your biological, financial, and physical capabilities to birth a kid and take care of it, your desires may not be fulfilled well enough.

Ideally, in this case, women should get married again before they cross 35 years of age and men should get married before they touch 40 years of age. This gives them enough time and resources to enjoy their growing family and spend quality time with their kids. This way, they are also capable enough to support their kids financially, physically, and in other ways.

You can apply a similar logic to other aspects of your life and figure out the ideal age to remarry.

Why Does Age Limit Not Matter?
Everyone deserves a life partner to experience this world with and to spend quality time with! As I mentioned before, however, sometimes people can be on different pages when it comes to expectations towards their life partner, especially when remarrying.

If you want to remarry for the company and love of another person, age has no limit. We see so many celebrities remarrying in their 50s, 60s, and even 70s. There is nothing wrong with that! When there is a strong connection at a soul level and when you know that this is the person you want to spend your life with, age plays a very tiny role.

In fact, the age gap too doesn’t matter much in these scenarios. If you have a second chance at love and happiness, you should not let age define your fate. For instance, a woman may fall in love with a man who is a few years younger than her. But if they make each other happy and are on the same page when it comes to living life, age doesn’t matter.

It is important to remember that everyone’s definition of ‘happiness’ can be very different. Our society has come up with a specific definition to what happiness should look like. But it does not apply to everyone. So, it is crucial that you define your own happiness and then seek it out.

What If You’ve Crossed Your Ideal Age?
The ideal age to remarry may be different from person to person and situation to situation. If you have figured out the ideal age to remarry for yourself, that’s the first step towards your happy ending. But we may question things.

I’m Already Older Than 35, What Now?
Even if you’re older than your ideal age, you deserve a life partner. It is important that you accept and prioritize your happiness. If you are thinking from the perspective ‘I’m already 35. If I get married now and have a kid in a year, I’ll already be 36’, your perspective is sadly wrong.

It is important to realize that whether you choose to remarry or not, you are still going to be 36 in a year. So why not marry, have a loving family and be happy at 36 yrs old?

She is Many Years Older/Younger to Me. What Will People Think?
We tend to give too much importance to other people’s opinions sometimes. In fact, many a times, we tend to make choices based on what people may or may not think, even if that decision makes us unhappy. People will talk for a few days but then forget and get busy with their own lives. So, make the choice that makes you happy.

However, it is also important for you to address these queries with your partner and recognize all the real implications of your marriage. For example, if your partner is old and cannot travel the world, then you must self-reflect and understand if that is something you might be able to let go. Is that a worthy compromise for you?

Or, if your partner is young and wants to roam the world, but you can’t, are you capable of trusting them with their security, fidelity, and freedom? Or will your jealousy become damaging for your marriage? These are the questions one must answer when remarrying.

Overall, age definitely plays a role in remarrying. But, it does not play that big of a role as you may think. You will be able to make the right decisions if you base them on practical factors. Give the least amount of importance to other people’s opinions and ask one question, “Does he/she make you happy?” If the answer is yes, then you can always discuss the kind of life you want, with your partner and plan your happily every after!